Santa For You 


Bringing Back The Wonder, The Magic And The Joy Of Christmas.

Santa For You, Your Children And Your Children' s Children.

It’s Christmas, the most magical time of the year for any child.

The tree is trimmed with tinsel  and baubles of every colour.  Excitement fills the air as today’s the day of the Christmas party, a time for fun, food, frivolity and of course, the chance to meet and receive a gift from the big man himself........SANTA

You’ve spent weeks getting the kids to behave with a well known phrase loved by all mums and dads everywhere, “Santa's watching!” and now is the moment they've all been dreaming of.

They’ve played games, they’ve had their food and now they sit knowing HE is coming.  Wriggling in their seats unable to stay still, they’re just so excited, then suddenly they hear the bells....sleigh bells.

“HE’S HERE! HE’S HERE!” they scream, their little hearts beating fit to burst, the door opens, the children are now at fever pitch and in walks the big man himself! 

But wait, who’s this?!!

Santa’s not got dark hair and a cotton wool beard.

Why is he wearing trainers? 

Why is he so thin?

            That's not the real Santa!

Can you imagine how devastated the children must feel?

Is that what you want for your little ones?

I don't think any parent wants that, don't you agree?

So what can we do about this? 

CLICK HERE for the answer.